Does it make you feel excited to bring colors to your kitchen design? We believe everybody does. Though tempting, you might think it is risky to make bold decisions in such high-traffic areas. We have some good news for those who want to bring personality to their kitchen but refrain from having a chaotic look. Thanks to its tranquilizer nature, blue brings a state of calm and peace to any space. Moreover, each shade of blue is unique, so you can easily find the one that perfectly reflects your design style among various options. 

If you are willing to change the color of your kitchen, do not hesitate to make more significant decisions with blue than just painting the walls. Know that nothing will go wrong with your favorite shade of blue. Consider adding a splash of blue with cabinets to have a kitchen you will love forever. Whether you go with bold and dark blue tones for a significant change or light ones to bring calm to your place, your perfect blue cabinetry will provide a great look in your kitchen. 

Before diving into some inspirational blue cabinet ideas, we have detailed why having blue tones in a kitchen is a good choice. In case you have some hesitations about blue cabinetry in your kitchen, keep reading to learn whether it suits you or not. 

Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Why Blue Cabinets?

  • It is fashionable. Although classic tones like natural wood, white and grey are always trending, blue cabinets have become fashionable among homeowners looking for a nice change. While bright tones of blue bring charm and an airy feeling to small kitchens, dark blue tones are perfect for adding a relaxed vibe to bigger kitchens. In other words, there is a perfectly matching blue tone for each kitchen size. Besides, cabinets with different tones of blue will perfectly fit any kitchen design, from traditional to contemporary. Moreover, blue gets mixed well with the other colors in the room and helps create a flawless design. In light of these, blue cabinets are risk-free, like ones with classic colors. On the other hand, as refreshing and distinctive, blue cabinets are beautiful. These features make blue cabinets popular in today’s kitchen designs. 
  • It can easily be combined with different styles and colors.There are various color combinations you can create with blue. It is not surprising that the top matching color is white. For instance, white walls and countertops with blue cabinets offer a classic, airy look in your kitchen. Or, you can match your dark blue cabinets with dark wood countertops for a natural and classy look. In short, you can reflect your personality and style with different color combinations with blue.
  • It is the color of peace and tranquility. Being described as a favorite color by many, blue is identified with feelings of calmness and serenity. People find it non-threatening color with the features like peacefulness, security, order, and tranquility. Besides, it is thought that blue enhances productivity. Having blue tones in your kitchen helps you have calm and joyous feelings in the room where you spend a significant amount of your time. However, consider that blue may also create feelings of solitude and sadness. Hence, combining it with other colors is better for a more balancing mood in the room. 

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Get Inspired with Some Blue Cabinetry Ideas

If you need some inspiration about creating a flawless and unique look with blue cabinets in your kitchen, take a look at the following design ideas we have listed for you. 

Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Darker blue tones are perfect for large kitchens that get enough sunlight. Navy blues add elegance and a modern look to your kitchen. By combining your dark blue cabinets with wood countertops, you can keep the room too dark. Or, you can soften the look and have a contemporary kitchen design by combining dark blue cabinets with stainless-steel finishes and white countertops. This way, you will also have an inviting and charming kitchen. 

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to bring some airy feeling to your kitchen, lighter shades of blue help you do so. Since kitchens are high-traffic areas, they are prone to have a crowded look. You can prevent such chaos with pale blue cabinets because the simplicity and restfulness of such design take away the overwhelming feeling in the room. You can also add some design elements with gold details for a more sophisticated look. Consider especially having light blue cabinets if you have a considerably smaller kitchen with poor natural lighting. 

Nature-Inspired Kitchen Cabinets

If you are a nature lover, you may also love having a nature-inspired kitchen design with cabinets that have natural blue tones. At the end of the day, blue is primarily adorable because of being one of the common colors in nature. With cabinets that have soft blue-green tones, you can mimic the seascape feeling in your kitchen. Instead, you might be a person who loves to look up at the sky. If this is the case, how about having sky-blue cabinets? Either way, you can have a harmonious, natural-like, and breezy look in your kitchen. 

Retro-Painted Cabinets

Do you like to mix old and new with colors, materials, and finishes? If this is the case, you will love retro-painted cabinets. You can prefer custom-made retro blue cabinets or paint the old wood cabinets with a blue tone. Also, you can use hand-crafted ceramic tiles to add some texture and complete the retro look in your kitchen. Consider spicing up the place with antique decorative elements and a vintage kitchen rug. 

Blue Cabinets

The mixture of Blue and Natural Wood

You may consider mixing your blue cabinets with natural wood countertops and furniture for a sophisticated but flawless look. The combination of blue cabinets with wood-finished countertops helps you create a timeless and natural look in your kitchen. Also, you will have a Nordic vibe in your place. 

The Mixture of Blue and Black

If you are willing to make a bold decision for your kitchen design, you may add contrast to your blue cabinets by mixing them with black. You can prefer a white ceiling, clear pendants, and marble countertops to prevent suffocating the room with dark colors. Plus, the mixture of blue and black will be a better choice for larger kitchens to protect the spacious feeling. 

The Mixture of Blue and Orange

Do you like to reflect your energy and dynamism in your house? If yes, consider pairing your blue cabinets with orange accents. For instance, you can use orange chairs around your kitchen island to boost the energetic feeling you get with your vibrant blue cabinets. Such a mixture will bring a youthful and playful vibe to your place.

Monochromatic Kitchen

Some blue tones, such as light or navy blue, are perfect for those who want to have a monochromatic kitchen. Use either of these colors for cabinetry and walls for an elegant and modern design in your kitchen. Prefer not to use butcher-block countertops and wood flooring, which can cause a faulty and chaotic look when combined with a monochromatic blue palette. 

This blog post has answered why blue cabinets are favorable alternatives for your kitchen design and shared some trendy blue cabinet ideas to inspire you. Before making your final decisions before renewing your kitchen design, check some of our other blog posts that may help you throughout the designing process.

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