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Choosing the perfect kitchen cabinet for your home is not an easy task. Before committing to a design, make sure that you have read our trending kitchen cabinets guide.

Being one of the highest traffic areas, the kitchen is often considered the heart of a home where the entire family gets together to share a meal and spend quality time together. That is why having a stylish, durable, and well-organized kitchen is very important.

A lot of thinking goes into designing such a kitchen: From faucets, lighting, layout, decor, and countertops, every little detail must come together to make this room beautiful and functional. Yet it is quite critical to not overlook a big part of this room: The kitchen cabinets! Both the overall aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen depend on the cabinets.

Cabinets for your kitchen must complement the style of your kitchen while offering you enough storage space. Before committing to a certain kitchen cabinet style, you must explore all the options while keeping your needs in mind.

Considering the fact that there are different styles, materials, colors, and brands, you have many, many options when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Do not let the abundance of options overwhelm you though, we are here to offer a thorough guide for you! Keep reading to learn about different styles, materials, layouts, brands, and colors of kitchen cabinets.



What are the Basic Cabinet Types?

From a structural point of view, there are four basic kitchen cabinet types: Base, wall, tall, and specialty units. Each of these cabinet types offers different storage solutions for different needs, that is why most kitchens have a combination of these four to maximize functionality.



Base Cabinets

Base cabinets are somewhat the industry standard. They are 36 inches tall and 24 inches deep. In accordance with your needs, you can order custom or semi-custom base cabinets whose depth can be as much as 27 inches.

Base cabinets are placed over a toe kick, which is the technical term for a recessed riser around four inches.


Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets (also known as upper cabinetry) are placed on the wall, above base cabinetry or specialty units. They are very useful especially in smaller kitchens and offer additional storage space. If your kitchen has a lower ceiling though, you might want to be careful with adding wall cabinets to your design so that your kitchen doesn’t feel cramped.

Wall cabinets are often 12 inches deep, but you can also order custom or semi-custom upper cabinetry whose depth can be as much as 17 inches.


Tall Cabinets

Tall cabinets are perfect for storing brooms and similar items. Moreover, they can also serve as compact and practical pantry spaces.

Tall cabinets work best in spacious kitchens with high ceilings. Most tall cabinets are typically 83.5 inches tall, but you can also order semi-custom or custom ones to better answer your needs.


Specialty Units

As their name suggests, specialty units aim to answer unique needs. They allow you to organize your kitchen better and make the most of your space. Corner cabinets, appliance garages, sink fronts, hutches, cooktop fronts, suspended units, corner cabinets, and bottle racks are different types of specialty units.

Depending on your needs and kitchen space, the depth and height of specialty units vary greatly.


What are the Different Kitchen Cabinet Styles?

There are three major kitchen cabinet styles: modern, traditional, and transitional. Each of these complements different interior decoration styles, so you must consider the overall look you are going for before committing to a specific kitchen cabinet style.


Modern Kitchen Cabinets

With an emphasis on simple and sleek lines, modern cabinets offer an innovative and dynamic look to your kitchen. Unique elements like flat panels, darker color materials, and minimalist styles make modern kitchen cabinets alluring.

If you are after a bold and charismatic look, modern kitchen cabinets might be the right choice for you. You can pair modern kitchen cabinets with industrial accessories, colorful decoration, polished countertops, or attention-grabbing lighting to create a daring yet inviting kitchen.


Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Offering a romantic and warm look, traditional cabinets are one of the most popular cabinet styles. Never going out of style, traditional kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen look elegant, sophisticated, and inviting.

Lighter colors (such as beige, off-white, white) and warmer, earthy colors (such as brown, ashy brown, orange, stone brown) look gorgeous on traditional kitchen cabinets.

You can complement your traditional kitchen cabinets with rich, eclectic decoration, bold carpets, colorful art pieces, patterned curtains, and classic lighting to create a cozy, friendly kitchen where you can have precious moments with your family or entertain your guests.


Transitional Kitchen Cabinets

If you want the best of both worlds, transitional cabinets probably are the perfect match for you. Bringing together traditional and modern elements, transitional cabinets have been very popular. From large and extravagant spaces to small and cozy ones, transitional style cabinets can complement a wide range of different kitchens.

To create a memorable kitchen space, you can pair your transitional kitchen cabinets with industrial accessories, brass faucets, somber colors, and stylish granite countertops.


What are the Different Cabinet Door Styles?

There are several cabinet door styles that can complement different kitchen cabinet designs: Shaker style cabinet doors, flat panel cabinet doors, louvered cabinet doors, inset cabinet doors, distressed cabinet doors, and beadboard cabinet doors.

Make sure that you have viewed your options below before choosing a cabinet door style for your kitchen.


Shaker Cabinets

Being one of the most popular cabinet door styles, shaker cabinets have become a classic. Made of five pieces of flat-panel, shaker-style cabinets are known for their durability and versatility. Most manufacturers choose cherry, quartersawn oak, maple, or hickory for this type of cabinet. Due to their sturdy structure, they are preferred by many homeowners and contractors. Shaker-style cabinets go well with both traditional and contemporary kitchen styles.


Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

Flat-panel cabinet doors (also known as slab cabinet doors) work amazingly well with modern and contemporary kitchen designs. Their minimalistic and sleek design offers a fresh and effortlessly cool look.

Devoid of ornaments and involved details, flat-panel cabinets can have a matte or shiny finish.


Louvered Cabinet Doors

Being one of the priciest options available, louvered cabinet doors have long been associated with luxury. If you want a unique and extravagant cabinet style, louvered may be the best match for you.

In addition to their lavish look, louvered cabinet doors also offer an essential function: Ventilation. Since there are spaces between each slat, louvered cabinets are perfect for kitchens that need additional ventilation.


Inset Cabinet Doors

Inset cabinet doors are one of the most classic styles in the market due to their durability and traditional look. Requiring a significant amount of skill to build, inset cabinets have their doors inside the cabinet frame instead of outside.

If you are after a classic kitchen that can withstand the test of time, inset cabinet doors can be a great match for you!


Distressed Cabinet Doors

Catering to antique lovers, distressed cabinet doors have a sophisticated and somber look. You can pair a distressed look with almost any cabinet door style to create mesmerizing cabinets.

In order to create beautiful distressed cabinet doors, specific distressing techniques are used. Then a protective layer is applied over the surface to make sure that cabinet doors withstand heat, light, heavy use, and kitchen chemicals.


Beadboard Cabinet Doors

Beadboard cabinet doors are made of “beads,” which are vertical planks that have indentation or ridges on them. Offering a more characteristic look than a flat panel or shaker cabinets, beadboard cabinet doors go amazingly well with a country farmhouse or cottage-style interior design.


How to Choose the Perfect Cabinet?

Choosing a kitchen cabinet style is not a small commitment, that is why you need to carefully consider your needs and options before making a decision. In order to choose the perfect cabinet, first, you must examine your kitchen space. Ceiling height, shape, size, and natural light are all important factors to consider. The design and layout of your kitchen cabinets must complement and work well with these factors instead of clashing with them.

Moreover, you must also consider your unique needs and taste. How much storage space do you need? Which style do you like better? Do you need extra ventilation, more durability, additional depth, and so forth? Before committing to a kitchen cabinet, you must make sure that cabinet style answers all your needs and completes the overall kitchen aesthetic you are after.

This is the end of our blog post for designing “8 Trending Types of Kitchen Cabinets That You’ll Love”! If you are interested in following out popular trends for kitchen designs and new kitchen products in 2022 make sure to check out our other blog posts and pages such as 4 Different Types of Trending Kitchen Countertops“, “How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets” and “How to Install Kitchen Cabinets”.

We’re sure you’ll find more attractive ideas for styling purposes and select out the most suitable products for renovating your kitchen with our future blog posts as well.

Until next time, keep yourself safe and in good vibes!

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