Granite Countertops


Granite countertops truly bring sophistication to your homes. They are one of the most durable and beautiful countertops you can acquire for your kitchen. In addition to being low maintenance and stain-resistant, their naturally occurring veining brings an air of opulence to your home décor. Choosing granite vanity tops for your living spaces will definitely be the right choice.

Black - Gray Granite

Black and gray granite countertops are classic when it comes to home design. Their deep dark color, along with contrasting veining, makes them perfect for aesthetic purposes. Pure black granite countertops are also astonishing on their own.

Blue - Green Granite

Green and blue granite countertops are an exotic option for homeowners that seek a bit of a different option for their homes. They would go along white and light blue vanities in an excellent manner.

Brown - Gold Granite

Brown and gold granite countertops are both fascinating in terms of veining and adding a luxurious vibe to your living quarters. You can also aim for a cozy appearance with their smooth and warm color palette.

Red - Pink Granite

Red and pink granite are truly bold. Their unique looks and dazzling veining will ensure that your guests will be awed in the presence of them.

White - Beige Granite

White and beige granite countertops are granite colors among the most popular granite colors for homeowners looking for a minimalistic and fresh look. You can combine these selections with any design preferences.


About Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the world’s oldest and most complex minerals found in nature. After diamond, granite is one of the hardest minerals that is mined with a Mohs hardness scale of 7. Granite is cherished around the world for its high durability, low maintenance, and long lifetime along with its astonishing beauty. Getting a granite countertop for your home will enhance your surrounding atmosphere.

The granite mineral is formed around the crust of the earth over thousands of years. Thus, it is considered a green and renewable resource. The creation process of granite begins with liquid magma gradually heating off under extreme amounts of pressure through the earth’s tectonic plates. This solidification process is essential in terms of giving granite its trademark veining and high durability. It also allows every granite slab to have unique features and distinctive looks. In addition to these features, granite countertops are also very resilient as they are scratch, heat, and acid-resistant. Last but not least, granite countertops have low porosity levels; thus, this ensures that molds and mildew will not be a problem throughout their long lifetime.

There are many choices to choose from when it comes to granite countertops, including spotted, veined, and highlighted ones. You can use alternating colors with our white granite kitchen countertops to complement your existing kitchen equipment. Perhaps you may want to gain a contemporary look by opting for black granite countertops to contrast various background elements and bathroom details. There are also many exotic options with a mixture of color sets such as but not being limited to; red-pink granite, blue-green granite, and brown–gold granite.

With a diverse spectrum of color and veining options, you can be sure that you will find whichever granite countertop that you are looking for in your home, whether it’s for your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor living spaces. With our years of expertise in the home design industry, we at Hillside Kitchens will assist you in making the right choice to reflect your unique persona like never before.

You can contact us to book a free showroom appointment with our professional designers to help you choose the perfect set of granite countertops for your home.

How to clean granite countertops?

Granite countertops are less porous than their other natural counterparts, such as marble. That means they are effortless to clean and maintain. You can use daily hygiene products such as mild soap and soft rags to clean your granite countertops. However, we suggest you refrain from using acid, ammonia, and alkaline-based products as they can damage the sealer of granite. If you want to take precautions against the coronavirus, you can use isopropyl alcohol with a base of 70% or less.

How to seal granite countertops?

Granite countertops are both beautiful and very durable countertops. They will last for a long time if properly taken care of. Granite countertops are also less porous, which means that they will get less staining than their other natural stone countertops. To preserve your granite countertops, you can either get the help of a professional or apply it yourself at home. The safest way is, of course, professional assistance; however, if you are opting for doing it yourself, here’s how it is done:

  • Clean the surface with a quality granite cleaner or acetone,
  • Pour the sealer onto the surface on a small area,
  • Spread the sealer evenly on the surface with a clean cloth or paintbrush,
  • Wait a couple of minutes until the first layer of sealer dries, then reapply the sealer for a second time,
  • Once the second layer is dried, clean the excess sealer with a dry cloth, and you are good to go!
How much are granite countertops?

Granite countertops range in price, starting from around $50 to $70 per square foot. Higher quality granite countertops can go all the way up to $120 and up per square foot. Granite countertops are highly durable and will last for a long time if taken care of. Thus, it is a sound decision to invest in a high-quality granite countertop for your home’s kitchen.

How to install granite countertops?

Granite countertops can be installed in the DIY (do-it-yourself) method as well as with the assistance of a professional. We highly suggest getting assistance from professionals for a longer lifespan to ensure that everything is in the right measurements. Even though granite countertops are very durable, they might break during your installation and be prone to chipping. Getting the help of a professional mitigates these events as they are under the protection of a warranty during installation by expert craftsmen.