Gray Kitchen Cabinets


More and more homeowners are seeking difference in these modern times by selecting gray kitchen cabinets over their white or brown counterparts. Gray or grey kitchen cabinets are increasing in popularity in recent years due to their modern, sleek and neutral appearance. Gray cabinets are a perfect choice for anyone looking to highlight certain kitchen elements. If you want to see our variations of grey cabinets, we divided them into the following categories of light gray and dark gray below to aid you in your design process.

Light Gray Cabinets

Light gray kitchen cabinets are a perfect choice for kitchens that want a versatile and easy-going color. It is the best choice of color when it comes to creating both a neutral and relaxing environment. You can create contrasts against brighter hues on your kitchen floor, fabrics, or countertops with light gray kitchen cabinets. Light gray allows drawing focus on the lightning of its surroundings, both natural or electrical. This will help create a relaxing yet exciting kitchen atmosphere desirable by any busy family home. Kitchen islands, vanities, and accessories go very nicely with light grey kitchen cabinets as well.

While one common misguidance that homeowners do possess is that light grey as a color is dull or too modest, that can be true about any color when designs are made without guidance. The quality of one color entirely depends on how you match it with its surrounding environment. Thus, we provide free professional showroom appointments* without any commitments for purchase. Our showrooms have a wide variety of light grey cabinets ready for display to ease the process of your dream kitchen’s remodeling or construction. In the meantime, you can check out our sophisticated collection of light grey kitchen cabinets above.

Dark Gray Cabinets

Dark gray is a very dominant and vivid color that can be used in many ways to enrichen your home kitchens. You can achieve remarkably striking visuals with dark gray kitchen cabinets for your kitchen. This color is especially suitable for bold, moody, and French-inspired displays. As stated above on light grey kitchen cabinets, the common misconception is that dark gray and its variants are conceived as a dull or unexciting color. On the contrary, the psychological aspect of dark gray is that of positivity, expectance, and excitement.

Dark grey cabinets have been in high regard in recent years due to their direct correlation with modern and vibrant touches that inspire the creation of kitchens attributed with cool, wise, and clean characteristics. The color variants of dark grey can tell many stories. While certainly not for the faint of heart, industrial gray can create striking and exotic visuals. Retaining the grandeur of black, dark charcoal is a strong color that can be both enigmatic and mesmerizing. Smoky grey kitchen cabinets neutralize the energy of their surroundings, creating soothing environments. Distressed grey can add a very cozy vibe to your home or farmhouse.

By color

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to dark grey kitchen cabinets to create distinguished kitchen designs for your homes. You can get help from a professional such as ourselves for free design services with no purchase obligation. At the same time, you can check out our diverse range of dark gray kitchen cabinets we listed above for you.

Which wall colors go with gray kitchen cabinets?

One of the best and most classic wall colors to match your gray kitchen cabinets is none other than white. White not only goes with everything but also highlights its surrounding colors. Choosing dark grey kitchen cabinets together with white wall painting will bring a modern atmosphere to your kitchen.

Which shade of gray is good for kitchen cabinets?

Gray is a neutral, relaxing, and modern color option for our kitchens. You can go for a variety of shades ranging from light grey to dark grey for your kitchen cabinets. The choice ultimately depends on your personal preference. If you have a small kitchen, light shades might be a better option for a feeling of freshness. If you have a large kitchen, then you can go for dark grey shades for a more modern design choice.

How to maintain gray kitchen cabinets?

Gray kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice if you don’t like dust in your kitchen. The neutral color scheme of gray hides dusts and wear marks alike. That’s why grey kitchen cabinets age so well. They are easy to clean and their neutral color scheme blends in so well with it surroundings. The best way to maintain your grey kitchen cabinets is to clean them on a monthly basis. You can use common household items such as soap, vinegar, baking soda, and warm water. After cleaning simply use a clean cloth to dry your gray kitchen cabinets.

Are gray kitchen cabinets in style?

Gray kitchen cabinets are trending right now. Gray is a fantastic option for kitchens due to its versatile and neutral nature. Gray kitchen cabinets can go well with many different colors such as white, blue, black, and light brown. You can check for different shades of gray for more variation such as light gray and dark gray.

How to distress gray kitchen cabinets?

Distressing your gray kitchen cabinets is quite simple. You can either paint them with different colors with small portions or you can use sandpaper suitable for kitchen cabinets. For painting, you can use either oil-based or latex paints depending on the original color type of your kitchen cabinets. For sandpapers, you can start with 180 grit sandpapers to take it easy and see how you like the look. If comfortable, you can use higher variants for additional designs.

Which countertops go best with gray kitchen cabinets?

Gray kitchen cabinets can go well with many different colors such as white, blue, and black. The easiest fit is of course white. You can create a fresh and modern look with white and gray in your kitchens. Light gray matches well with blue and you can add a bit of a white again for a nice balance. Dark gray kitchens look absolutely fascinating with black. This will create a very sleek and handsome look for your kitchen.