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Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Every home has its unique characteristic atmosphere, and the style of your surroundings affects this a lot. When it comes to the heart of your home, there is no better place than your kitchens. Renovating them according to your own taste and style is very essential. Check out our various kitchen cabinet styles handpicked for you below!

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets are a very determinant element of our kitchens. Their existence influences the organization, design, and efficiency of our kitchens. For modern kitchen cabinet color options, you can check our categories below. You can choose...

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are very popular options for your newly designed kitchens. They are versatile, sturdy, and stylistic. Depending on your taste, you can go for many color options and have them with as many details as you want. Shaker style kitchen cabi...

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

The key features of designing a beautiful traditional kitchen pass through placing attention to detail, giving your kitchen room to breathe, and smart usage of decorative accessories. Creating a rich atmosphere for your home with traditional kitchen...
Kitchen Cabinet Design and Installation

Want to get information regarding your kitchen design options and installation process? Schedule an in-home measurement session or make an appointment with our showroom consultation to allow us to brief you regarding anything you need for your kitchen renovation project!

Kitchens by Color

Are you looking to change the look, shape, and feeling of your kitchen completely? Then not only the style but the color of your kitchen cabinets are very essential. We provide you a rich spectrum of color options to choose from to reinvent your kitchen's atmosphere for your dream design!
Looking for Kitchen Design Ideas?
You can check our kitchen design gallery to give you ideas for designing your home kitchen. Additionally, you can also schedule a free showroom appointment with one of our experienced kitchen designers to give you tips and design examples!

Kitchen Cabinet Brands

Modern or classical, rustic or simplistic, whatever style you are aiming for, we got something for you with our wide variety of kitchen cabinet brand options. From famed European designers to oriental vibes, from maritime themes to cozy cabin-like styles, we have highly renowned and high-quality brands in our inventory ready for your selection.
How-Tos & Blog Posts for Your Next Project

If you are looking for additional information or have questions regarding your kitchen or bathroom renovation projects we can help you with this process. You can check our “How to Guides” and blog posts for more information. 

Complete Your Dream Kitchen Cabinets Renovation In 4 Steps!

Find Your Style
You can choose your desired kitchen style for your renovation from our extensive catalog of kitchen design brands. We would be happy to provide you assistance regarding this matter with our professionals through our Showroom Appointment services.
Free 3D Design
After the previous steps are completed, we will be offering you various options to display your new kitchen design in 3D so you can make your mind in a much easier fashion!
Install & Enjoy
Finally, after all measurement and selection processes are completed, we will offer our services for installation in neat and hassle-free order. You will have our full support both during and after the installation so as to ensure that you are satisfied to the fullest!

About Kitchen Cabinets

If you finally decided to renovate your kitchen cabinets or are designing from scratch, you are at the right place! Hillside Kitchens is the ultimate kitchen renovation design address for your new kitchen cabinets. You can either choose from in-stock options or make yourself a custom cabinet that comes with all the necessary storage capacity and accessories for your family's home or venue.

With countless color and brand options within our selection, you can change the look, shape, and even the feel of your kitchen by renovating it through us. Our selection of in-stock kitchen cabinetry is made from durable and high-quality materials that are ready to assemble whenever you are. If you are after something tailor-made especially for you, then we suggest looking into our custom-made kitchen cabinets. Custom-made kitchen cabinets not only upgrade the kitchen style but are also suitable for any kitchen layout you desire.

Whether you are looking for in-stock shaker cabinets or custom-made kitchen cabinets, we will gladly be of service to you. Our large selection of kitchen accessories, cabinet storage options, kitchen drawers, sinks, kitchen islands, and many more unique kitchen details will ensure that you find everything that you need for your kitchen's new design. We highly suggest visiting us at one of our showrooms to get a feel for our products and truly experience how they will look in your new home kitchen.

Our kitchen cabinetry is ready to assemble whenever you are available! We suggest first taking the measurements of your home either by yourself or get professional assistance through our free in-home measurement service. Then we will happily provide you a showroom appointment with our professional designers. Finally, we can put all of your selections into the process and create a 3D layout of your new kitchen. All of these services are free of charge and come with no purchase obligation. Sounds fancy, right? Contact us at Hillside Kitchens today to renovate and install your kitchen cabinets!

Complete Your Kitchen Cabinet Project

Finished deciding on your kitchen renovation's main theme units? Great, then let's get your kitchen fully functional with our kitchen details! From traditional to modern, from rustic to simplistic, our unique kitchen design details such as sinks, faucets, handles, and organizers are here to make your kitchen stand out in its fresh new look like never before!

The best way to clean your kitchen cabinets is to use daily household items. You can create a cleaning solution by mixing a cup of vinegar, one tablespoon of baking soda, and two to three cups of warm clean water. Simply dip a piece clean wool or microfiber cloth into the solution and wipe your cabinets. Doing this monthly will help preserve the bright and lively color of your kitchen cabinets.

To paint your kitchen cabinets you first have to pick a type of paint. You can either choose latex or oil-based paint. For the next item, you need a painting tool. You can use a brush or spray paint, however, spray paint is more expensive whilst a brush is a cheaper alternative. Once the painting is completed, you can use a regular or faux finish for your kitchen cabinets. This process usually takes a couple of weeks and can be really messy. We better suggest that you replace your kitchen cabinets or buy new ones to save time and money.

The best way to purchase your brand new kitchen cabinets is to contact an experienced and well-known dealer. Make sure to get assistance from the dealer’s kitchen designers beforehand, as this can allow you to view your desired products in a 3D setting. This can both help you make your mind and combine different details all at once. There are kitchen cabinet dealers that also provide free services such as in-home surveys, showroom appointments, and cost estimates. We at Hillside Kitchens provide all of the above and much more with our years of experience in the industry.