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We believe that the best way to renovate your kitchen starts with seeing the design in real-time with the help of an industry professional. You can do this at our showrooms by taking a free appointment with us!

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Book A Showroom Appointment
Eastern Time - US & Canada

We believe that the best way to renovate your kitchen starts with seeing the design in real-time with the help of an industry professional. You can do this at our showrooms by taking a free appointment with us!

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Totally Free Kitchen Design Services
We provide totally free kitchen design services with our industry veteran designers with years of experience. In addition to our showrooms, we provide consultation, 3D rendering of models, and sample observation for your kitchen design process, all for free.
All-In-One Shopping
From kitchen countertops to kitchen cabinets, from unique kitchen details to vanities, we got everything you need in Hillside Kitchens under one roof. We will provide everything you require under one roof with our no-hassle policy!
No Matter How Big or Small We Got You Covered
Whether you’re fully renovating your kitchen, designing it from scratch, or only making updates, we have anything you need for any step of the process that will suit your space and budget.
Kitchen Cabinet Design and Installation
Want to get information regarding your kitchen design options and installation process? Schedule an in-home measurement session or make an appointment with our showroom consultation to allow us to brief you regarding anything you need for your kitchen renovation project!

How It Works

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You begin the process by contacting us through our calendar or phone to let us know what you require help with. Afterward, we will set a suitable time frame for whatever service you need. We provide you services for in-home measurement, a meeting with one of our kitchen design experts at our showrooms, colored 3D design, and installation.


Additionally, you can check our kitchen remodel page to learn how our entire process works for designing your dream home kitchen.

On-Site Analysis

Our expert craftsmen can make a free visit to your home in the allotted time determined by you for measurements and detailed examination for renovating your kitchen. If you have your own kitchen’s measurements already taken, we can directly begin the process in our showrooms with colored 3D design, pricing, and tour services. If you don’t have your measurements or do want to visit our showrooms directly, we can still provide you with our free consultation services and make an appointment to get your home’s measurements at a suitable date for you.

Showroom Tour

Our industry veteran design consultants will guide you through all the options you wish to examine for your home’s kitchen while aiding and answering you through all of your questions. With numerous options in terms of color, quality, pricing, and size, we will ensure that you get the best pick for your home.


Now, this is the easiest part! Set a date suitable for you, and our expert team will come to do all the work for you cleanly and neatly. Voila, your brand-new dream kitchen is done, and all you have to do is enjoy your new space with friends and family!


  • How are your regulations for COVID-19 in regards to installation?

    We continue to serve you in our full capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic in accordance with government regulations. Our expert team will ensure to take extra precautions before, during, and after the installation process. Thus, you don’t need to worry about health issues. Delivery will not be delayed as well, as we have taken extra measures to fulfill outstanding customer orders during the pandemic.

  • How do you offer your home measurement service?

    Our specialist craftsmen will visit your home to measure your kitchen and identify the necessary services and utilities. This survey is non-invasive; thus, we won’t be moving any floor coverings or fixtures during our visit.

  • How do you provide a 3D kitchen design service?

    You will have a meeting with one of our expert designers who will create a computer-generated 3D planning of your kitchen according to your requests, showing how all of your selections come to look and feel together in your dream kitchen.

  • What about your kitchen installation cover?

    We have a no-hassle policy for our installations. That means that our specialist craftsmen will offer you a fully covered installation service with cleaning, ensuring that you relax with nothing to worry about during and after the process.

  • Do you offer a guarantee for your kitchens?

    Yes, all of our products and installations come with a guarantee to give you peace of mind. Our products are made and installed by industry veteran brands and experts with years of experience in their field.

  • How fast do you make your deliveries and installations?

    On average, we make our deliveries within 2 to 4 weeks. For semi-custom and fully-custom products, deliveries can take up to 1 to 2 months depending on the origin of the product’s company. If there will be any delay regarding your new items’ delivery, we will make sure to contact you as soon as possible.

Complete Your Kitchen Cabinet Project

Finished deciding on your kitchen renovation's main theme units? Great, then let's get your kitchen fully functional with our kitchen details! From traditional to modern, from rustic to simplistic, our unique kitchen design details such as sinks, faucets, handles, and organizers are here to make your kitchen stand out in its fresh new look like never before!