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Welcome to Hillside Kitchens, Hempstead‘s finest kitchen and bath showroom! At Hillside Kitchens, we are dedicated to our customer satisfaction by providing top-notch services tailored to your needs. From bath and kitchen designs to full remodeling services, home improvement, and custom cabinets and wood cabinetry, our experienced team is here to assist you every step of the way.

We take pride in our exceptional customer service and transparent communication throughout the remodeling business process. Our company and primary goal in business is to make your remodeling experience stress-free, professional and enjoyable.

If you’re a homeowner in the Hempstead area seeking an affordable kitchen or bathroom remodel, look no further than Hillside Kitchens. Our skilled remodeling team in Hempstead, NY, will not only provide you with outstanding customer service and excellent communication, but also expert countertop installation at reasonable rates. We will work with you to design and install a stunning new space for your home. With Hillside Kitchens by your side, creating the perfect atmosphere that meets your budget will be effortless.

Experience Tailored and Affordable Home Remodeling with Hillside Kitchens

At Hillside Kitchens, we understand that designing the perfect dream kitchen or bath remodel can feel overwhelming. That’s why our bathroom layout and kitchen remodeling process is specifically designed to bring your dream kitchen bath space to life, from the initial design to the final installation. We’ll work closely with you throughout the entire journey to create a custom plan that not only meets your needs but also fits your budget. Our team of skilled craftsmen will diligently transform your vision into reality. Whether you’re planning a complete home remodeling or seeking some cosmetic updates, we’re committed to tirelessly working towards crafting the perfect kitchen bath and space tailored to you. Contact Hillside Kitchens today, and let us help you embark on your journey to a dream kitchen or bath!


Get the Kitchen or Bath of Your Dreams with Hillside Kitchens

At Hillside Kitchens, we understand that remodeling can be overwhelming. There’s so much to consider – from selecting the materials to the perfect countertops and cabinets to coordinating with contractors and other workers to managing all the necessary paperwork. But rest assured, all the effort will be worth it in the end. With a well-crafted plan and the guidance of our skilled professionals, your dream kitchen or bathroom can become a reality.

We take pride in delivering personalized design advice tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our top-notch service ensures that you receive the highest quality setup and materials while minimizing stress and ensuring a finished product that you can be proud of. Let us be your partner in designing a stress-free, professional, and enjoyable experience as we transform your dream kitchen or bath into a reality.

Discover The Perfect Kitchen or Bath Remodel For You

At Hillside Kitchens, we understand the growing demand for new homes in Hempstead and how it has led to an increasing need for kitchens. As the city expands and constantly evolves, we’re here to offer our expertise to give you the perfect solution for all your culinary needs. Whether you’re yearning for a brand-new kitchen or an upgrade to your existing one, our team of experts and designers is ready to assist you.

With our amazing complimentary design services, we guarantee that you’ll get the results you desire. Our experienced designers and contractors will guide you through every phase and detail of your kitchen renovation, ensuring that it not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Their expertise and input will transform your kitchen into a beautiful living space that you can enjoy for many years to come.

At Hillside Kitchens, we’re committed to making your kitchen dreams a reality. Let us be your trusted designer, contractor, and partner in the project of creating the perfect kitchen for your home in Hempstead.

Affordable luxury for homeowners in Hempstead

At Hillside Kitchens, we understand that homeowners in Hempstead want to transform their bathrooms into luxurious and personalized spaces. That’s why our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way – from planning to completion. With our exceptional custom cabinets, cabinetry, and vanity design, we guarantee to exceed your expectations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to visit us for a free consultation, and let us turn your dream bathroom into a reality. Trust Hillside Kitchens to create the kitchen or bathroom you’ve always wanted.


Transform Your Home with Hillside Kitchens in Hempstead

Here at Hillside Kitchens, we understand the importance of finding a reliable remodeling contractor in Hempstead. That’s why we’re the right choice for your remodeling needs. With our stellar reputation and growing list of previous projects proudly showcased on our website, you can trust us to deliver. From kitchen remodels to bath remodeling, we’re here to provide everything you need and more.

At Hillside Kitchens, we work collaboratively with our high-profile clients to take innovative ideas and craft unique solutions that always hit the mark. We only use the highest quality materials and installation techniques for renovations and kitchen cabinets that are built to last a lifetime. Our guarantee backs every job we do, giving you that extra peace of mind when you choose us for your new house project. Trust Hillside Kitchens to bring your remodeling vision to life!

The Hempstead Remodeling Experts You Can Trust

At Hillside Kitchens, we understand that envisioning a newly renovated, modern kitchen or a beautifully remodeled bathroom is an exciting prospect. We are here to help you turn those dreams into reality with our dedicated and passionate staff. Our team is committed to guiding you through every phase and detail of your new kitchen, cabinets, cabinet, and granite project, from the initial design to the final installation. Rest assured, we want the renovation process to be as effortless and stress-free as possible for you. That’s why we have crafted a hassle-free system to simplify the decision-making process. We’ll be with you every step of the way, ensuring that the entire process runs smoothly so you can enjoy the results of your efforts with minimal hassle. Don’t wait any longer – reach out to us today at Hillside Kitchens, and let’s get the ball rolling. Visit our showroom to start your project right away; you can find our driving directions on our ‘’Contact Us’’ page.

Don’t Let Finances Hold You Back From Your Dream Kitchen – Contact Us Today!

At Hillside Kitchens, we understand that financial constraints shouldn’t hinder you from giving your house the much-needed full bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation it deserves. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, offering expert design services at an affordable price. Our team of experienced designers and professional remodelers in Hempstead is here to turn your dreams into reality without straining your budget.

Let us help you create a stunning bathroom or kitchen area that fits within your budget. Reach out to visit us today to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation with one of our experts. Whether you plan to sell your home soon or simply want to enjoy it for years to come, a bathroom designer’s kitchen renovation is always a wise investment.

At Hillside Kitchens, we can help you achieve the kitchen and bathroom of your dreams without breaking the bank. Contact us today, and let’s get your kitchen project started!