Marble Countertops

MARBLE Countertops

Marble countertops bring mesmerizing qualities to your living quarters. Their mere presence brings an air of luxury and elegance to your home. Our marble countertops are brought from various quarries around the world with unique veining patterns. Explore our diverse range of marble countertops below.

Beige - White Marble

White marble countertops are a classic for many homeowners. Both white marble and its variables, such as beige marble, can be used to put your unique kitchen details to display with a better emphasis.

Brown - Gold Marble

Brown marble countertops and gold marble countertops can create very different vibes for your homes. You can either aim for luxurious looks with gold marble or go for a more cozy theme with brown marble for your homes. Either way, this color range looks gorgeous on its own.

Gray - Black Marble

Black marble countertops and gray marble countertops are a very contemporary choice for homeowners that desire a sleek and majestic look. You can use black marble and gray marble tones to create a strong and sharp atmosphere that will leave your guests in awe.

Blue - Green Marble

Green marble countertops and blue marble countertops bring an air of serenity and peace to your homes. You can use blue marble to create a wonderful maritime theme, while green marble can be used to create a more distinct look that will balance the energy in your home.

Purple - Red Marble

Purple marble countertops and red marble countertops are considered a very exotic choice for homeowners that seek something genuinely different. You can combine purple marble and red marble with contrasting colors to create unique atmospheres for your living quarters.


About Marble Countertops

Marble is one of the oldest natural stones quarried, carved, and used to create some of the most beautiful buildings and works of art throughout history. From Michelangelo in Italy to Praxiteles in Greece, marble has always been coveted as the stone of the gods and has been used by many great empires for their marvelous constructions. While marble was explicitly reserved for the rich and privileged decades ago, today, it is easily accessible for any family that desires to bring an air of astonishment to their living quarters.

Marble takes millions of years to be formed in nature. It takes tremendous amounts of pressure and heat to create marble, and this process creates impurities in the stone, which gives its unique patterns. That is why no marble slab looks the same as the other. The color range for genuine marble can also be very extensive, with choices ranging from white marble, grey marble, black marble, red marble, purple marble, and many more.

While not as durable as its other natural stone counterparts, marble is highly coveted thanks to the elusive and sophisticated looks it brings to our living quarters. Due to their less durable nature, marble countertops must be diligently taken care of. They are prone to discoloration and must not be in direct contact with heat, chemicals, and acidic substances whenever possible. They are also prone to scratches and require attention in this matter. Remember, the same reason that allowed marble to be carved into beautiful statues and artworks is its susceptibility to damages. As with everything sophisticated and beautiful, marble must be cared for with utmost importance as it is a luxurious material.

Whether it’s your kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, laundry room, the top of your radiators, or your fireplace, you can use marble for any place of your choice. With our diverse spectrum of color and pattern options, years of experience in the kitchen design industry here at Hillside Kitchens, we will ensure that you choose the right marble countertops for your dream home.

How to clean marble countertops?

Marble is one of the more sensitive natural stone countertops, and it will likely require good care to extend its lifetime. You can use daily hygiene products such as mild soap and hot water to clean your marble countertops. Refrain from using acid and alkaline-based products as they can harm the surface.

How to seal marble countertops?

Marble kitchen countertops are a very beautiful addition to your kitchens. They will last for a long time if properly taken care of. To preserve your marble countertops, you can either get the help of a professional or apply it yourself at home. The safest way is, of course, professional assistance. However, if you are opting for doing it yourself, here’s how it is done:

  • Clean the surface with a quality marble cleaner,
  • Pour the sealer onto the surface on a small area,
  • Spread the sealer evenly on the surface with a clean cloth or paintbrush,
  • Wait a couple of minutes until the first layer of sealer dries, then reapply the sealer for a second time,
  • Once the second layer is dried, clean the excess sealer with a dry cloth, and you are good to go!
How to remove stains from marble countertops?

You can use a solution of 12% hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia to clean organic food stains from your marble countertops. If the stain is oil-based, then you can clean it with a small amount of household detergent or acetone.

How to disinfect marble countertops?

The best way to disinfect your marble countertops whilst not harming their surface and sealer is to use mild soap with hot water. You can use a spray bottle to fill the mixture and use a dry wool cloth to clean the surface gently.